Population and Statistical Genetics

Strategic theme directors :

Hélène Vézina, Ph.D., UQAC
Simon Girard, Ph.D., UQAC
Simon Gravel, Ph.D., McGill University

The successful design of association and gene mapping studies requires detailed knowledge on the genealogies and population stratification of the samples tested. The Quebec population demonstrates a pattern of regional distribution of variations that retraces Quebec settlement history. Because Quebec genetic data can be complemented by genealogical data, new methods that integrate genealogical and genomic data with population genetic information can increase the power of genetic association and linkage studies. The RMGA supports two Platforms focused on the study of the Quebec population.

BALSACBALSAC aims to produce a demogenetic profile of the Quebec population over time taking advantage of the 4.5 million genealogically linked individuals already available in the database (see www.uqac.ca/balsac/).Hélène Vézina
Quebec Population Reference Sample (QPRS)A population stratification and genetic diversity map of Quebec based on both genetic and genealogical data (see www.quebecgenpop.ca)Damian Labuda