Pilot projects competition of the Applied Genetic Medicine Network (RMGA)

January 2019

   Results from this competition are available on the page Competitions Results

Context and objectives:

The purpose of this program is to support pilot projects to generate new data. The project must be original, innovative and demonstrate the contribution of the axis (axes) within the RMGA. This program will, among other things, increase the chances of success with recognized granting agencies or establishment of new partnerships.

Value and terms:

$ 25,000 per project, for 1 year, non-renewable.


Applicant must be a regular member of the RMGA. The project should be in collaboration with at least one other regular member of the network. Collaboration between the axes is greatly encouraged. ;e.

Format of the application:

The application may be submitted in French or in English for evaluation by the Scientific Committee.

Form to fill: Arial font size 10single spaced and margins 2 cm (0.79").

  1. Identification of the principal investigator
  2. Project title, list of researchers and persons involved in the project
  3. Summary of the project (1/2 page)
  4. Description of the project (2 pages excluding figures and references)
    • - Context;
    • - Primary and secondary objectives;
    • - Description of the approach as well as the contribution / expertise of the researchers;
    • - Impact and expected benefits for the RMGA;
  5. Relevance of the pilot project as part of the RMGA's scientific programming (1/2 page)
  6. Total budget requested, including timeline and deliverables (1 page, maximum $ 25,000 / for 1 year, non-renewable):
    • - Eligible expenses: salaries for technical staff, consumables, user fees.
  7. Signature of the candidate

Documents to be attached to the form:

  1. References (maximum 1 page);
  2. Figures & tables (maximum 1 page);
  3. "NIH biosketch" CVs of principal investigators;


To acknowledge the support of the RMGA, recipient researchers must thank the Network of Applied Genetic Medicine in all publications that will result directly or indirectly from the use of these funds.


Evaluation criteria:

Complete applications must be sent in one PDF document to Alain Bataille at the following address alain.rmga@gmail.com

To obtain the application form, or for any questions contact Alain Bataille