Journées génétiques

The "Journées génétiques" are an opportunity for the scientific community to share, exchange and enrich their knowledge of genetics. This biennial event allows members of the RMGA to report on scientific advances in genetics and to present their achievements. Researchers from all backgrounds, including those recognized internationally, take advantage of this opportunity to present their research.The "Journées génétiques" also aims to train young scientists by giving students the opportunity to present their work orally or in poster form. A jury of Network researchers evaluates the presentations and awards prizes to the winners.

Journée Génétique 2019

November 7, "The Windsor", Montréal

The program is available in  PDF format
Participants can also access the presentations by identifying themselves on the event website 

The 13th edition was an opportunity to highlight the excellent work of RMGA members for their oral and poster presentations:
Dominic Nelson (poster PhD)
Marika Groleau (poster PhD)
Saraï Mola (poster PhD)
Antony Lemieux (poster Maîtrise)
Shuaa Basalom (poster postdoctoral fellows and research professionals)
Stéphanie Perrier (oral)


Programs of previous Journées génétiques meetings: