Director’s Message

Welcome to the RMGA website!

It is with great honor that I assume the leadership of the RMGA, a network that is very dear to my heart.

The RMGA traces its roots back to 1969 with the formation of the Quebec Network of Genetic Medicine (QNGM) by a group of researchers interested in the systematic early detection of congenital disorders in neonates. When the Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ) was formed in 1983, the QNGM became its first recognized research network. In 1993, the QNGM was renamed the Réseau de médecine génétique appliquée (RMGA). Today, the RMGA provides technology platforms, expertise and specialized services to over a hundred researchers in genetics, with the goal of advancing genetic discoveries from the benchtop to the clinic.

Working as a researcher for over 22 years, I was a privileged witness to the evolution of research in human and medical genetics in Quebec. Upon my arrival in the RMGA, I had the chance to take a leadership role in the network’s scientific programming. I saw the network transform with the emergence of strategic groups, the increase and diversification of the critical mass of researchers, and the challenges in medical genetics, particularly in the era of genomics.

As the new director of the RMGA, I will continue the RMGA’s mission and expand its role by: 1) mobilizing the network’s scientific community to reinforce the RMGA role in consultations and decision-making on genetic and medical genomics in Québec; 2) increasing synergy and communication by giving greater visibility to network researchers; 3) inviting key stakeholders, including medical geneticists, to assume a greater role within the network; 4) diversifying the membership by adding new expertise particularly in the fields of bioinformatics and biostatistics.

I see the RMGA as an integrating environment, with its experts and strategic groups, promoting the generation and transfer of new knowledge for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents and adults in Quebec.

Enjoy your visit!

Daniel Sinnett, Ph.D.