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13th edition of the RMGA "Journée Génétique"

The Network of Applied Genetic Medicine (RMGA) is preparing the 13th edition of the "Journée Génétique" which will take place on November 7, 2019 in Montreal.

62nd CSMB Annual Conference : Model systems in cancer research

The RMGA support the 2019 CSMB Annual Conference organized June 2-5 at IRIC in Montréal. This year's conference will focus on research relevant for understanding the biological basis of cancer using a variety of model systems including model organisms, In vitro systems and computer modeling.

Invitation: press conference BALSAC and i-BALSAC project

The BALSAC Project, funded by the RMGA, is organizing a press conference on May 30 in La Baie to announce the funding obtained from the CFI and the outline of the i-BALSAC project, started recently.

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